Can you believe it's me!

How did I ever let myself get like this?

I asked myself, " As a lifetime member of Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers - Why am I still struggling with my weight so much?"

Finally hitting my all time high of just under 190 pounds this past summer, and with my blood pressure soaring, I was at a loss as to what I was going to do.

Thankfully my sister heard about a hormone that women produce naturally when they are pregnant, that has been used effectively for decades to assist in successful weight loss.

She shared the information with me - and I believe acting upon what I learned has changed my life!

So, my journey began. On August 27, 2011 I started taking the hormone in the form of a naturopathic drop under my tongue, and began a regimented low calorie diet (which was easy to implement into my busy schedule and surprisingly easy to stick to).

Just 6 weeks later I had found that I had shed 27 pounds! After a 6 week period of careful eating to maintain my new weight, I tried another 3 week period of taking the drops paired with eating the prescribed low calorie diet. Another 13 pounds lost! Giving myself another 6 week maintenance, I was excited to do my last round of the hormone/diet regiment - shedding my final 15 pounds!

People keep telling me I look great. But what really matters to me is that I FEEL great!


You asked me what my secret is....

here is a link to a great web site that explains the diet protocol in plain English>>

If you are considering doing the diet - please note that it is absolutely necessary to take the hormone drops along with it.  Also, if taking the drops, without following the diet very carefully resulst in disappointing weight loss.  And in order to ensure the weight stays off permanently, the 6 week maintenance program is a definite must.

Be careful of what drops you purchase....   as there are several on-line companies selling a synthesized formula, which combines ingredients.  Adding surplus ingredients is the easiest way for a company to cover up a deficient and ineffective product.  The real thing will burn fat and suppress the appetite — other ingredients are superfluous. And even if the hormone is real, there is less of it included in the final product — space is taken up by these other unnecessary ingredients.

Since so many of my friends and acquaintances have asked about my weight loss program, I have made arrangements to distribute pure, unadulterated hormone drops, which are total compliant with Canadian Standards. I sell them for $75 per bottle.   If you order 2 or more bottles, I will ship for free (in Canada only)...   otherwise will arrange for pick up or delivery of a single bottle locally here in Penticton.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions.   I have had a bit of experience with the diet protocol and am willing to share my experiences, or at the least, can probably point you to an answer to your questions somewhere on-line.

Thank you for your interest....